302 - From Barstow Back Home

I fought a war once. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen combat, more than a decade actually. But even after all that time, the memories of Iraq. The sand. The heat. The people. The violence. Those have stayed closer to my heart than almost any other thing I’ve done.

In today’s story, we follow a veteran who faces a similar problem, coming to terms with the guilt of surviving something many others did not. He’s a man who’s taken up ultra-marathoning as a way to escape the memories and feelings that have haunted him since his last ugly day in the sandbox.

But on this run, he finds something else chasing him through the rocky sands of the Mojave desert. Something he might not be able to outrun.

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Artwork by Yui Breedlove

This month’s recommendations:

Literature recommendation: ”The Complete Lovecraft” by H.P. Lovecraft

Random horror recommendation: Hollow Knight