301 - Quarterly Review

The grind can get to you. My guess is you know what I’m talking about. Most of you, my Dear Listeners, are probably listening to this in the background of some banal task. You’re driving yourself to work, or the kids to school. You’re out mowing the lawn or sitting on a cold bench waiting for the train to finally show.

But like most people in this modern world, you’re somebody with someplace to be and something to do. And it’s hard sometimes, the way the days begin to flit by as you stack dollars and pay bills. As your hair grays and the days disappear until, one day, it’s like your whole life is behind you. But the grind, the grind never slows.

Today’s story is about a man trapped in that same grind, by his own desire to become the master of the great millstone itself. But his preoccupation with success is getting to him, coloring every new day a darker shade than the last.

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Artwork by Yui Breedlove

This month’s recommendations:

Literature recommendation: ”Uzumaki” by Junji Ito

Random horror recommendation: Jacob’s Ladder