The Umbrella Man

Most of us — all of us, hopefully — had a small, comfortable group of friends in high school we seemed to do everything with. The folks who seemed to always be around, showing up, dragging you out to do this or that. Today’s story concerns the end of just such a group of friends as they begin their senior year of high school. These four aren’t lucky enough to simply grow apart, however, because some twisted and crooked thing has endeavored to make their parting far more deadly.

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HLC - July 2019

In this episode of the Westside Fairytales Horror and Lit Club, I discuss the recommendations for July 2019: John Carpenter’s 1983 horror film “The Thing,” and Jeanette Wall’s 2004 memoir, “The Glass Castle.” I also talk about some stuff I’ve been watching lately, including The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs, and a somewhat tragic experience from my childhood.

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Tyler Bell
Tota Americana (Part Two)

In part two of Tota Americana, we resume our story of a young person named Alex traveling across the country to the resting place of a barely known father. The hope is to find some deeper understanding of self through this visitation, but the paths ahead are riddled with pitfalls and parties of a dubious nature.

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