303 - Ghost Story (Part One)

Isolation is a bad blanket. Most people — those who can — eschew it in favor of the warmth good company brings. But those who can’t — the introverts, the awkward, the strange — may find it easier to wrap themselves in those tattered threads when confronted by the chill of loneliness. Not because it’s enjoyable, but because going out into the world can be so much lonelier when you’re not really a part of it.

Today’s story is about a man living alone, with little more than the glow of his computer to keep him company. But something from beyond the veil of death and time may soon enter into the life of this modern hermit, whether he wants it to or not.

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Artwork by Yui Breedlove

This month’s recommendations:

Literature recommendation: ”My Friend Dahmer” by Derf Backderf

Random horror recommendation: The Haunting of Hill House