Tota Americana (Part Two)

It’s on the Great Planes where we resume our story, the tale of a young person named Alex traveling across the country to the resting place of a barely known father. The hope is to find some deeper understanding of self through this visitation, but the paths ahead are riddled with pitfalls and parties of a dubious nature. Marks have been set into flesh that leave the scent of blood to linger on the wind, drawing forth a greater evil from the depths of the American Heartlands. A thing beyond reckoning, which must be faced in time.

Let us remind you that today’s story is the second of a four-part series. Our suggestion is that you return here after enjoying part one, but no worries if you’d like to listen out of order. We here at the Westside Fairytales sometimes eat our dessert before dinner as well.

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Artwork by Yui Breedlove

This month’s recommendations:

Literature recommendation: “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman

Random horror recommendation: Apocalypse Now