210 - Bands of Gold and Iron

Some fears are shared unevenly amongst the inhabitants of this little blue ball. The fear, for instance, that your agency could be stripped away at any moment without recourse isn’t something we all feel, but that some of us know all too well.

It’s fear that comes with a shaky position in society. Women, minorities, and folks with lifestyles and predilections that buck the status quo. If you’re not one of these folks, you might not know what it’s like to not be believed. To simply be ignored by the powers that be, to be dismissed casually. Even to have your life simply placed into the hands of another, regardless of how you feel about the situation.

Today’s story lives amongst the tendrils of this idea. It is the story of a woman who wakes up to a life that isn’t hers, that she doesn’t want to live, and that certain forces, certain people, won’t allow her to leave. Our protagonist knows the truth about herself, but she’s stripped of her freedoms, even her dignity, simply because that’s the sort of thing that happens to women sometimes.

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Artwork by Yui Breedlove

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