206 - Child of Sparrows

We all feel the urge to run sometimes. Pressure builds up around us, pushing on our chests and heads, caving in the soft bits inside our ears and eyes until we feel fit to burst. Money, family, loneliness, the struggle to be known, the pain of being forgotten, it all stacks up and gets heavier. And heavier. And heavier.

And when it gets to be too much, there’s a part of you inside that lets you know. We need to run now. We either run, or we die.

Today’s story is about a girl who decides to run. She’s taken all she can of the life that was given to her at birth, a life that’s had terrible consequences for most all of the people who’ve gotten tangled up in it. She gets involved with a soon-to-be notorious outlaw, and cuts a path of crime and pain across America, until she arrives at her final destination a thousand miles from where she started, feeling like she’d never really left at all.

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Artwork by Yui Breedlove

This month’s recommendations:

Podcast recommendations: Dark Topic and Canadian True Crime

Literature recommendation: ”A Winter Haunting” by Dan Simmons