Preview of New Secret Project!!

I’m coming to you this Halloween-eve with a preview of the up-and-coming collaboration project between myself, Jack Luna of the Dark Topic podcast, and Mike Boudet of the Sword and Scale podcast. I can’t tell you any more about the project other than it’s terribly horrifying, based on true events, and that it lives somewhere on the border between True Crime and Horror Fiction.

Oh yeah, and that the first episode will drop 1-9-19.

This little episode is an interview of the major players in the team, a sort of get-to-know-you for people who aren’t familiar with us and the working dynamic we share. Hopefully, it gets you as excited as we are for the release in early January.

Please share this wherever you can, and help us build up the hype for what’s going to be the definitive podcasting moment of the New Year.

For real, nobody has ever put something like this out before.

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