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Books that kill whomever reads them, strange dolls that bring death wherever they go, and tales from men and women driven to the edge by madness, poverty, and guilt. These strange and varied stories are guaranteed to stay with you long after you've finished listening.



From horror thrillers set in the frigid plains of North Dakota, to dystopian noir set in the not so distant future, Tyler Bell's novels deliver a compelling mix of gritty realism and fantastic characters that are unlike anything you've ever read before. Scroll down to read selected excerpts from his work.


Black Bled the Prairie

The inhuman creature stalking the countryside is just one of the problems facing the residents of a small North Dakota boomtown. Overworked detective Penny Hasselblad is trying to catch a serial killer who leaves his victims pinned to walls with rebar, ex-con Mike Bertrand is trying to rebuild his family after leaving Detroit, and an unnamed reporter is trying to figure out how all these threads connect to a decades-old conspiracy hanging over the town. 

Join these characters and more in BLACK BLED THE PRAIRIE, a gritty literary thriller like nothing you've ever read before. 

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Marcel Crawford is free after serving seven years for beating his superior officer nearly to death. Out of work and shouldering the burden of a dishonorable discharge he doesn't deserve, he takes any job he can to get by, even strange errands from a bizarre website called But as those errands start paying larger and larger sums of cash, Marcel comes to find he's capable of darker things than he ever thought possible. 

Find out what price Marcel is willing to pay to live the good life in BLOODMEAL, a gritty noir thriller that will leave you breathless.

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West By God

After two white men are charged with murdering a black teenager in a small, black-run West Virginia town, newspaper reporter Adelaide Stevenson is sent to the town of Targrady to write a story on the beginnings of the trial. The newly pregnant Stevenson overstays her welcome in the town and quickly finds the case against the two men isn't all it's cracked up to be. As Stevenson delves into the mystery of Julien Burr's death, she comes to understand that some men possess a hate that transcends their own humanity.

Follow Adelaide as she endeavors to unearth the mysteries of Targrady, West Virginia, in WEST BY GOD, the first in a series of novels starring the stalwart young reporter.